Company Profile

Company Profile–Red River Coatings was started in April of 2004.. Sticky Clay Soils are a big problem here in the heart of the Red River Valley, but they are a problem in other areas of this Country & World. I grew up scraping mud off of my boots, spade shovels, hoes, tractor duals, truck box bed’s and Sugar Beet harvesting equipment. I know there are a lot of Farmers that relate to this. RRC has sourced and tried many products, We sell & apply the products that Work. 

We also have our own Rust Converter/Primer  ( N-RUST ). This product is  water-based, it’s very safe to apply and it works ending your rust problems.

In working with one of our Chemists, we were introduced to “Green” Safe chemistry of keeping “Wild Critters” small & big animals away! This Product is Safe to Use, safe to people, pets, farm animals and to surfaces that get applied to.