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Company Profile

Company Profile–Red River Coatings was started in April of 2004.. Sticky Clay Soils are a big problem here in the heart of the Red River Valley, but they are a problem in other areas of this Country & World. I grew up scraping mud off of my boots, spade shovels, hoes, tractor duals, truck box bed’s and Sugar Beet harvesting equipment. I know there are a lot of Farmers that relate to this. RRC has sourced and tried many products, We sell & apply the products that Work. 

We also have our own Rust Converter/Primer  ( N-RUST ). This product is  water-based, it’s very safe to apply and it works ending your rust problems.

In working with one of our Chemists, we were introduced to “Green” Safe chemistry of keeping “Wild Critters” small & big animals away! This Product is Safe to Use, safe to people, pets, farm animals and to surfaces that get applied to.


Farmers, Ranchers, Dairy, Hog & Poultry Producers,
Vegetable & Organic Growers
Slick Film –
apply to your equipment, mud or manure will not stick.
Apply to interior walls of Barns or Hog Buildings for easy cleaning.
Slick R – applied in shuts or truck boxes to release sticky commodities.
N-Rust – is our easy application for rust conversion.
Our “Green” products work, they’re safe to your family, pets, gardens, crops & environment.


Sugar Beet Growers/Industry
Slick Film – apply to your equipment and trucks for mud release.
Wetter H2O – add to harvest water, gets water super slick.
Bed Liner/Grab Roller Coatings – very tough coatings – needs prepping.

Fertilizer Facilities, Custom Fertilizer/Chemical Applicators
State & County Maintenance Equipment
Concrete Industry

Slick Film-
apply to your equipment/trucks for sticky materials, concrete, corrosion protection & easy cleaning.
N-Rust –
Water-based rust converter.
Glass Treatment –
Water-based, easy to apply, outlasts the competition.

Ag Airplanes/Private Aviation
Slick Film –
will keep bugs & chemicals from sticking to your plane.

Boats, 4 wheels, RV’s, School Buses, Municipal Transit
Slick Film – grime will not stick & vehicles will wash with ease.

Parks, Recreational Areas, Lake Property, Golf Courses, Yards & Buildings
Animal Deterrent – keep Deer, Rabbits, Squirrels, Skunks, Mice away from gardens, trees, buildings, houses and vehicles.
Bird Deterrents – keep birds out of buildings, geese or ducks away from shore line, golf course greens or recreational areas.
Bug Killer – kills spiders, mosquitoes, flies & other bugs safely in or out of homes, buildings or vehicles.

Travelers, Motels/Hotels/Apartments/Home Owners
Bed Bug Killer –
Safe, easy to apply killer/preventer for all cycles of bed bugs, lice & mites.  Safe to any surface, FIFRA exempt under (25) B.

Other “Green” Products
Odor Eliminator & Waste Water Treatment