Exterminate Rust – One-Step Rust Neutralizer and Metal Primer. Protects Metal – Last for Years!!! N-RUST is a synthetic latex emulsion that chemically neutralizes rust into a neutral organic layer and dries to a tough, long lasting black protective coating, Cured N-RUST is an excellent primer for all types of industrial and automotive topcoats. Primes both rusted (turns black) and over tightly adhered painted areas (stays clear) all in one easy step. Eliminates additional priming over old painted areas. N-Rust  dries to a durable black matte finish when applied to rusted surfaces and remains clear when applied over non-rusted metal or other coatings.

Available in Pts, Qts, Gal, 5’s, 55’s and 250 Shuttles

$48.50 for 1 Gal’s – less for larger quantities