Other Green Products

Other Green Products

Odor Eliminator – Eliminates all odors including skunk

Waste Water Treatment – Eliminates odors & cleans up water

Concrete Sealer – Green odorless concrete sealer

Mold Blaster/Preventer – Kills or prevents mold

Graffiti Remover – No harsh chemicals

Drain Cleaner – No harsh chemicals

Weed Killer – Our “green” weed killer

Healthy Plant – It’s “green” helps keep plants healthy

InventeK – For over 25 years, InventeK Colloidal Cleaners LLC, has been providing new and creative solutions for a broad range of industry problems. By merging innovative mechanical design with InventeK’s proprietary colloidal chemistries, safe and environmentally friendly solutions to many difficult challenges have been found. InventeK has held a variety of patents for mechanical designs, as well as several proprietary chemical formulations, that have helped to save our clients millions of dollars. InventeK is proud to expand its efforts in creating safe, eco-friendly, plant-based solutions that include cleaners, degreasers, solvents, polishes, soil remediation products, fire suppression systems, bio-pesticides and colloidal additives. InventeK’s additives are integrated into hundreds of products from floor sealers, and paints to cosmetics. InventeK is rapidly emerging as a national leader in the shift from hazardous chemicals to safe, organic solutions.

Our manufacturing process is based on the science of colloidal chemistry which produces a colloidal micelle, the workhorse behind our products’ effectiveness as a cleaning and degreasing agent.

The research efforts of InventeK are focused on:
• Producing safe, non toxic, sanitizers, and disinfectants for use in the health care and food sectors.
• In providing alternatives to pesticides in agriculture and ornamental crop industries.
• In producing application specific products for site remediation and clean up in the petroleum and petro-chemical industry.

InventeK Products are formulated using a proprietary colloidal chemistry process which produces a truly unique product. Food grade ingredients are processed to form a particle called a micelle. This micelle is the active ingredient in our cleaners; and is only one to four nanometers in size, (50 to several hundred times smaller than saponified materials in traditional soaps and detergents). This small particle size, combined with the extremely high surface area to volume ratio enable the micelles to penetrate complex carbon molecules and emulsify organic matter. Organic odor causing agents are inactivated by these micelles rapidly degrading threir molecular bonds.

The colloidal cleaners are completely safe to use. They need no WHMIS training, or special handling or storage requirements, and bio-degrade completely within 28 days.

InventeK Partial Product Line: • Rodent, Rabbit, Deer Deterrent • Duck, Geese, Bird Deterrent • Bug Killer / Repellents • Waste Water Treatment • Odor Elimination • Concrete Cleaner • Concrete Sealers • Barbecue Cleaner • Car and Truck Wash • Mold Blaster • Drain Cleaner • Septic Tank Aid • House Wash • Gum Remover • Hand Cleaner • Graffiti Removers • Weed Killer • Plant Food